What we do

  • Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior
  • Residential Pools- Interior/ Exterior
  • Spa Centers
  • Aqua parks
  • Olympic pools
  • Decorative pools
  • Aquatic attractions

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

We are proud of the achievements gathered in more than 17 years of expertise in public pool domain: World Class pools. Radisson Hotel, Upground, Titan, Mega Mall, InCity, Club IDM pools, Hotel Teleferic Brasov, Hotel Aro Palace Brasov, Clubul Diplomatilor, Hotel Europa from Eforie, Silver Mountain from Poiana Brasov, Olympic pool in Brasov, Indoor pool - Pescariu Sport's & SPA and the list may continue.

We have brought the luxury in these famous centres through reliable and appropriately sized systems, that render high water quality for public use with heavy people traffic. Their maintenance is easy, requiring a minimum human interaction time. The water quality and the opulent design offer an unique experience to the clients.

Because every detail of a public pool is known to us, we invite you to request us a customized quotation by filling-in the form below!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

We wish to create your unique pool in your own home! Either it is indoor or outdoor, we want you to say WOW every time you come back home from your activities, to freshen up in the water crystal. With complete high-end German solutions we design for you an oasis of silence and relaxation!

Along with a team of professionals with 17 years of experience, we will make you an unique project, where the impeccable technical expertise makes possible any aesthetical caprice for lifetime satisfaction.
We invite you to send us a request for a customized quotation and your luxury pool is closer to your!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

The SPA is an experience of senses! Every step beings silence to the spirit and the water is the purifying element that appeases the body. We are with you in the creation of this special ambient. Inspired finishing, pools, Jacuzzi systems in various shapes, pine or pine spruce saunas, steam cabins and hammam, ice room, and emotional showers outline the SPA space.

Their quality is essential due to the details make this area an altar of silence. We are with you with high-end solutions and systems, implemented in more than 17 years of experience.

Ask us a customized quotation and we will gladly design for your the SPA project that matches your needs!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

The water rumble in the aqua park is the sound that we've heard many time in the implementation of your projects. Coloured toboggans, accompanied by Jacuzzi area, are the elements met in these leisure areas. Due to such projects are like Lego parts, coloured and first assembled on paper, we are with you in the systems design and implementation.

Ask us a customized quotation and we can create for you the aquatic paradise that you wished for!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

Professional swimmers are experts in recognizing the water quality in a pool. Based on the acquired knowledge and the equipment with the right systems, we guarantee you the highest water quality. The appropriately sized systems, along with our experience of more than 17 years, are the guarantee of your ideal pool.

From construction, system and up to plating, we create from scratch up to the end your Olympic pool.

Ask us a customized quotation and we can design and build the Olympic pool that you need!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

Either it is a wonderful garden or a SPA that needs a decoration element, we are with you from the pool design, selection of finishing and right system, up to the project implementation. The ornamental pools from the entrance to the public buildings bring coolness and silence to the bystanders who admire their beauty.
The wide range of finishing makes these pools a place of silence and relaxation where the central element, the water, brings purification.

Ask us a customized quotation to create your own ornamental pool!

Public Pools- Interior/ Exterior

Either there are thermal pools, spectacular fountains, waterfalls, water towers, counter-flow devices, hydro massage jets, air beds, wave pools, therapy pools, heat pumps or special lights, we are with you in capturing the public's attention through these aquatic attractions.

We choose together the plating and the systems and we create an unique stage that will catch the eye through quality and momentousness.

Ask us a customized quotation to create your unique aquatic attractions!



For 17 years we’ve been creating the most spectacular pools that you have ever swam in, be it at an exclusive fitness club or a luxury vacation resort.

We bring the ultimate sensorial luxury in your own home, a pool to match your dreams. It represents a unique project in which flawless technical expertise makes any aesthetic desire possible.