We recommend the company Piscine Speranta for pool construction, finishing and equipment works to all those interested in working with professionals in quality pool execution. The works performed along the two years of collaboration are complex and cover the entire range of execution in the pools field - indoor and outdoor, pools for children and Jacuzzi, all these being completed on time and according to the requirements of our architects.“ Iulia Tasie General Manager ANA HOTELS EFORIE NORD

“The filtering and treatment equipment of the indoor pool that we were using were obsolete and an increased attention to maintain water quality was required. It was a discomfort and high risk. For more than 3 years, with the OSPA systems from Germany, water filtering and treatment is automatic, using natural salt, and the maintenance cost has decreased. The chlorine smell was completely removed from the room and the eye sting and skin irritation is just an unpleasant memory. Now, the water has an outstanding quality and the pool system operates automatically, without my concern. The safety and health are ensured up to the highest possible level by using this advanced technology. The investment was fully worth. I'm very satisfied with the reliability of the OSPA equipment. I recommend the team of specialists from Piscine Speranța who made possible the lack of concern about using the pool and who continues to handle its maintenance.” IOAN CIOBOTARU

“The knowledge in the field, sustained work, seriousness, and the quality execution have led to a very good collaboration with the team Piscine Speranta. Due to the results obtained throughout the collaboration, we recommend the company Piscine Speranta for the quality pool construction.“ Octavian Pleter General Manager CLUB IDM KENNEDY

“I recommend the company Piscine Speranta for the very high quality of the construction works of the pool, equipment and materials quality for the supplied pools, as well as for the professionalism that the work and installation were executed with. We recommend Piscine Speranta for pools construction, pool equipment supply and installation, due to the seriousness and professionalism that they have proved in our collaboration.“ ULMEANU CAMELIA



For 17 years we’ve been creating the most spectacular pools that you have ever swam in, be it at an exclusive fitness club or a luxury vacation resort.

We bring the ultimate sensorial luxury in your own home, a pool to match your dreams. It represents a unique project in which flawless technical expertise makes any aesthetic desire possible.