EXCLUSIVE collection

We bring you the supreme sensory luxury in the heart of your own home, a pool in the shape of your wishes, with crystal water like in Santorini pools. We use high-end generation OSPA German systems, where filtering is completely automated, and the treatment is with 100% natural salt. We bring in your home the supreme comfort that you have already met in the luxury hotels or SPAs!

Premium finishing along with the exclusive design will make you say WOW either you see it for the first time or for the 365th time. You will benefit from clear water just like the spring water, right in your own pool! The price range for the this systems begins from EUR 85.000 and varies depending on the selected finishing and pool size.


  • Environment protector, delicate to your skin
  • Easy and real-time information about the system condition and water quality
  • Easy system operation, even from a PC or Smartphone
  • Customized design based on your wishes, including landscaping

Healthy water for the senses

Advantages and Services included

  • Ultra-performing multilayer sand filtering + activated charcoal, automatic filter maintenance (rinsing + filtering + emptying ). Automatic filtering flow based on use.
  • Automatic natural treatment through salt electrolysis, and automatic control of the ideal water parameters. Flocculating agent dispensing that enhances filtering efficiency.
  • Centralized automation of the entire system with remote data transfer via Internet, with fast and easy control
  • The general touch screen control board and the possibility to control all pool equipment, such as: lights, waterfall, automatic tarpaulin, etc
  • Touch-screen remote controller that may be located anywhere you wish
  • 5-year warranty (maintenance contract)
  • Included finishing and design

Advanced filtering technology

100% natural salt

Maximum comfort with the digital operating system

The intelligent Ospa-BlueControl system controls and monitors via touch screen all the pool functions for maximum comfort: water temperature, room temperature, water chlorine level, illumination.



For 17 years we’ve been creating the most spectacular pools that you have ever swam in, be it at an exclusive fitness club or a luxury vacation resort.

We bring the ultimate sensorial luxury in your own home, a pool to match your dreams. It represents a unique project in which flawless technical expertise makes any aesthetic desire possible.