CONFORT collection

An unique project where the impeccable technical expertise makes possible any aesthetical caprice, for lifetime satisfaction. You get close, feel the water coolness. Jump. And in the second that your body touches the water always surprises you, although it is not your first jump. Your heart beats strongly and you mind empties. The German systems that are specifically designed for luxury pools will make you say WOW, either you see the pool for the first time or for the 365th time.

The design and the elaborately selected finishing bring in your home the pool that we have probably met in the luxury hotel or SPA. The price for this collection varies between EUR 45.000 and 85.000.


  • Easy and effortless maintenance of the clean water
  • No chlorine smell
  • Automatic filtering system using activated charcoal
  • Power efficiency
  • Automatic water treatment system using salt electrolysis
  • Safe maintenance services

Limitless pool architecture

Advantages and Services included

  • Counselling, project and execution
  • OVERFLOW system
  • Effective filtering with 2 layers of various grain sand, activated charcoal, automatic filter maintenance. The filtering is automatically controlled depending on use.
  • Automatic treatment with chlorine, pH and temperature reading
  • Power intake and chemical agent optimization
  • Complete automation system, plus additional order of three additional systems, such as: lights, waterfall, water games
  • 5-year warranty (maintenance contract)
  • Finishing: glass mosaic, ceramics mosaic or special pool tiles



For 17 years we’ve been creating the most spectacular pools that you have ever swam in, be it at an exclusive fitness club or a luxury vacation resort.

We bring the ultimate sensorial luxury in your own home, a pool to match your dreams. It represents a unique project in which flawless technical expertise makes any aesthetic desire possible.