Shaping your water!

For 17 years, we give life to the most spectacular pools in which you have definitely swam before, maybe at the exclusive fitness club or at the luxury resort in your vacation. 

We bring you the supreme sensory luxury in the heart of your own home, a pool in the shape of your wishes. An unique project where the impeccable technical expertise makes possible any aesthetical caprice. For lifetime satisfaction.

Either it is about indoor, outdoor, yard or garden pool constructions, or about system replacement or maintenance, we design for your the customized solution. The state-of-the-art technology OSPA systems are provided with skimmer and overflow, with appropriately sized filtration and with the 100% natural salt treatment option.

You will find in our portfolio more than 350 erected pools, both residential and public, more than 200 fully equipped pools, more than 25 Jacuzzi for public used, more than 15.000 sq. m. of specific plating, and more than 50 pool rooms provided with dehumidifying equipment.



  • Solid technical expertise
  • Custom swimming pools design: We manufacture sensorial experiences and ambient spaces
  • Solid client portfolio for both public and private swimming pools
  • The soundness of business
  • Technological Innovation